All-on-4 Dental Implants Procedure

The All-On-4® Dental Implant Teeth in a day system has reduced the treatment time frame by 75% while also reducing the cost of dental implant treatment by 50%. Getting functional teeth can be completed the same day as the failed teeth or restorations are removed!

All-on-4 Dental Implants Process

Below is a typical time frame to complete the All-On-4® on one or both jaws (upper & lower teeth).

Complimentary initial dental implant consultation with a free 3-D CAT scan

This helps you to become educated on your dental implant options as well as meet the Mile High dental implant dentist. It’s important you feel comfortable and are knowledgeable about your dental implant treatment options.

Dental Records Appointment

Comprehensive dental records are then taken, including a full mouth exam, initial impressions, and further x-rays. A full analysis of where the dental implants will be placed is rendered on the 3-D CAT scan. The selection of the shape and look of your new smile is also selected.

Final Impressions & Jaw Relations

Custom-made impressions are necessary for an optimal fit of the custom-fixed dental implant teeth. Jaw relations are to determine where your optimal bite is. Oftentimes over a period of years, a patient’s true bite is lost because of extensive dental work completed at different times, sub-optimal denture placement, or bone loss.

Surgical Procedures

The procedures are completed this day under sleep sedation, including placement of the dental implants and fixed (do not come out) dental implant teeth. Mile High Dental & Implant Centers’ dental implant patients walk in with their old teeth and walk out with new, beautiful teeth in one day! Sleep sedation allows the patient to sleep through the procedures giving a time compression-like effect. Oftentimes our dental patients state “they do not recall anything.”

Post-Operative Appointments

The All-On-4® dental implant teeth in a day system is highly reliable with only minimal to no discomfort, as reported by Mile High Dental & Implant Center patients. Our patients will be seen for brief post-operative appointments over a period of approximately three months. During these three months, the gum tissue is recontouring and healing. The dental implant patient has the benefit of fixed beautiful teeth throughout this phase and goes about daily life with renewed confidence.

Custom Teeth Placement

Once the gum tissue has healed completely a new custom set of dental implant-supported teeth will be created using onsite CAD/CAM technology. You’ll never go without teeth again!

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