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Dentures are an option for replacing some or all of your missing teeth. This solution is often less expensive than other options, like dental implants. We feature onsite denture labs and can create and place full or partial dentures in as little as one day in any of our Denver metro area locations.

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Mile High Denture & Implant Centers in Denver, Colorado have been placing same-day dentures since opening in 1979. Our specially trained dentists have placed over 20,000 dentures in the 35 plus years of dental practice.

Mile High Denture & Implant Centers offer four convenient Colorado locations in Golden/Lakewood, Westminster, Englewood, and Colorado Springs. Each one of our state-of-the-art locations has onsite denture laboratories, full-time dental denture lab technicians & onsite denture dentists. Having everything in one place means that dentures are placed the same day as failing or missing teeth are removed. Our Denver denture patients walk in with their old failing teeth and walk out with beautiful new smiles.ture

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Partial Dentures

When you’re missing one or more teeth, the bite pressures inside the mouth change. The other teeth can start to move to compensate for the gap. This movement can also cause shrinking in the gums and jawbone.

Fortunately, partial dentures can help you avoid these issues. They’re made from removable gum-colored bases with replacement teeth attached. When our patients choose any type of partial dentures, they keep full functioning and aesthetics of their mouths.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

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Implant Dentures

As technology advances, dental implant-supported dentures are a clear choice for patients looking to have dentures. Implant secured dentures offer a way for dentures to firmly attach to dental implants.

Implant-supported dentures, or anchored dentures, are a nice middle-ground between traditional dentures and full-arch dental implants. This type of denture uses a full mouth denture, but with the added stability of dental implants. The dentures simply “snap” in place instead of using only gum suction.

Patients choose anchored dentures over traditional dentures because they provide stability, no adhesives, and are easier to take care of. Furthermore, patients choose this overdenture instead of full dental implants because they cost considerably less with a faster adjustment period.

Benefits of Snap-in Dentures

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