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“They can give you your confidence back. Your smile Back. Your health back.”

My advice would be to tell someone that they could get help. Mile High Dental and Implant can curtail a plan around them, whatever their need is. They don’t necessarily have to go as extensive as I did, but whatever their need is, Mile High Dental Implant can help you. They can give you your confidence back, your smile back, your health back.

“You walk through the door and you’re greeted with a smile.”

 I was just coming in to get a new denture made and uh just have a partial put in. And then after they showed me what I could look like you know, I said “well, maybe it is time.” And I researched a lot of different offices, some really expensive ones and these guys here just kind of fit right into my plan and everything like that. And then after talking with them, geez. Well, look at these teeth man! They’re excellent! I mean when my wife met me, I had very few teeth, so she was intimidated by me. She just keeps looking at me, she’s like “you’re a whole different man now.”

“The staff were super friendly and so understanding. The doctor was so calm.”

I saw the free consultation, and I thought “we’ll let’s start with that. He’s not going to do any work; I get to meet the doctor.” Coming through the door, knowing that we’re not going to be doing any dental work, this is just a free consult and X-Rays, I was still so scared. I’m shaking so bad that I have to force myself to open the door. I get in there and the staff is super friendly and so understanding. The doctor was calm and after I explained my past history with the dentist, he offered me a tablet to help calm my nerves for the work to get done, with someone else driving. At that point, I trusted Dr. Cabel so much that I trusted him to do work on me without sedation. He knows how to put you at ease, and he knows how to treat you very respectfully, very courteously. He’s very good at what he does.

“I always felt, at every point, that Dr. Cabel and Dr. Woodbeck were more concerned about my personal health and making sure this was the right option for me.” 

I was pretty ready to get this done. I had a couple of teeth that need to be at least pulled or needed treatment. So when I knew they were gonna get my bad teeth out and I was going to start fresh, I was pretty excited about it. More excited than nervous. It was good to smile again. It was all worth it and I only wished I would’ve done it sooner. 

“You know how people can walk into a room and they just have this warmth and big smile? Well, I can do that now.” 

I’ve always had dental problems since I was little. I was always self-conscience, but especially in high school. I gave myself veers but the problem below the veneers were still there. I get a lot of anxiety when I come to the dentist – my hands get sweaty, and I break out into hives. And every time I want, it was most work that needed done. It got very expensive. Someone I knew came to Mile High and when I saw their results, I started my research. When I came in, everyone was so professional and so sweet and supportive. I have nothing but nice things to say about the staff. I was nice to just be done – I didn’t have to worry about any problems anymore. Every time I was in front of the mirror, I was just aware of the issues. It was a wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend Mile High. 

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