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Denture Relining at Mile High

Denture relining is a dental procedure that improves the fit of removable dentures. The process involves adding new material to the denture base, adapting it to the current shape of the gums.

Mile High Dental & Implant Centers can refit or reline a denture to compensate for natural changes in the oral tissue like bone loss and tissue shrinkage. Often, patients will notice a need for relining when their dentures become loose while eating. A lot of the time breakage and soreness are indications for the need of relining. We only perform top-quality full dentures and partial denture relines. We can often do same-day denture relines.

About Denture Repairs & Relining

A denture repair is a dental procedure aimed at fixing damaged or broken dentures and it involves the meticulous assessment of the denture’s condition, followed by professional repair or adjustment to ensure it functions correctly. Dental professionals at Mile High use specialized materials and techniques to restore the denture’s integrity, appearance, and function, allowing patients to continue enjoying a comfortable and functional smile.

The process for repairing dentures typically involves:

  • Assessment: The process begins with a thorough examination of the damaged dentures. 
  • Preparation: If the denture can be repaired, the next step involves preparing the damaged area, ensuring a proper fit.
  • Repair: Depending on the specific damage, the dentist will use dental-grade materials and adhesives to repair the denture. 
  • Alignment and Adjustment: Once the repairs are made, the dentist carefully aligns the denture to ensure a proper fit. 
  • Follow-Up: A follow-up appointment may be scheduled to ensure the denture continues to function correctly and that the patient is comfortable with it.

Yes, a broken tooth on a denture can often be fixed. Dentures are made of durable materials, and professional repair services can expertly repair or replace the damaged tooth to ensure your dentures continue to function correctly.

Over-the-counter household glues or adhesives are inappropriate choices, as they may contain harmful substances and lack the precision required for denture repair. Denture-specific adhesives and repair kits are thoughtfully crafted to securely and effectively bond dental prosthetics, guaranteeing a safe and dependable repair under the guidance of our dental experts.

Denture Repairs in Colorado

At Mile High Dental & Implant Centers we custom design each set of dentures in our in-house dental lab. Whether you have your dentures created by our team, or already have partial or full dentures made by another provider, we can repair or reline your dentures. Schedule an appointment online or call (303) 974-4513 to learn more about our denture repair solutions and how they can help restore your smile.

Denture Repairs at Mile High

Having an on-site denture and dental laboratories in all four of our Denture Centers allows us to do most denture repairs while you wait. Cracked dentures and tooth replacements usually take under an hour to repair in our full-service denture laboratory. We have thousands of teeth stocked and can match any shape, size, and shade tooth. This allows Mile High Dental & Implant Centers to complete same-day denture repairs. Learn more about dentures.

Don’t simply “live with” any problems with your existing dentures. Please take advantage of our experience and contact our center for denture repair.

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