Zygomatic Implants

“At Mile High Dentures & Implant Centers, we believe that every patient deserves a confident smile, regardless of bone loss challenges. Our commitment is evident as our experienced doctors have never turned away a patient due to bone loss. Thanks to advancements in zygomatic dental implants, individuals previously deemed unsuitable for conventional implants or limited to dentures can now find successful treatment with us.
Our skilled doctors specialize in zygomatic implants, a groundbreaking solution for severe bone loss cases. These implants, designed specifically for patients facing bone loss challenges, are tilted and longer than traditional implants. Unlike conventional implants placed in the jawbone, Mile High doctors utilize the zygomatic implant’s length to securely anchor them in the patient’s cheekbone (zygoma). The zygoma’s dense structure provides exceptional, long-term support, ensuring a lifetime of confidence and comfort for our patients.
Don’t let bone loss stand in the way of your dream smile. Trust Mile High Dentures & Implant Centers for innovative zygomatic implant procedures, where expertise meets compassion, and every patient’s unique needs are met with tailored solutions.”

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